Greyhound Money Maker – Method 1

My method for making money from greyhound races is simple, quick & profitable. Interested in copying what I’m doing? Then continue reading……

Greyhound racing has always been of interest to me as a way of making money from Betfair. Many years ago, I used to run a profitable greyhound lay tipping service but this stopped when the third-party website that I was using for greyhound form data closed down. But 6 months ago, I decided to have a look at the greyhound market again to see if I could find a simple, easy way of picking out dogs that could confidently be used for lay bets.

Whilst there is less money wagered on greyhound races than horse races or football matches (a greyhound race typically has £10,000-£25,000 wagered on the win market), this is counterbalanced by the fact that there are so many UK greyhound races per day (typically 100-150+).

I would love to be able to report that my research allowed me to create a unique greyhound laying system that no-one has previously been aware of – but I can’t! Instead, I have discovered what is a very simple way of picking suitable dogs to lay that is – as far as I can tell – already being used & exploited by other people on Betfair! (I show why I believe this in the Greyhound Money Maker video).

How easy to use is Greyhound Money Maker – Method 1?

Greyhound Money Maker Method 1 (GMM1) will not be suitable for everyone. If you don’t like placing lay bets, then GMM1 is not for you.

You also need to place the lay bets no earlier than 2-3 mins prior to race time. This is because the Betfair market does not start forming until then. This shouldn’t be a problem because UK greyhound races occur every few mins throughout the day from about mid-morning (sometimes earlier) until about 10 pm, so there are ample opportunities for you to bet whenever you are able to access Betfair. And you don’t need to bet on every suitable race – I recommend that you set yourself a small profit target each day and stop betting once you have reached it.

Not every race is suitable for GMM1 but the rules for deciding if a race is suitable and which dog should be the lay bet are quick & easy to apply. And because a greyhound race usually starts on time and lasts less than 2 mins, you can easily go from lay bet selection; bet placement; to race result in less than 5-6 mins.

Can you show proof that the method works?

I certainly can.

Here is the Betfair Profit & Loss screenshot for the first 20 greyhound bets that I placed in Feb 2023 using GMM1. 93 out of the 95 lay bets were successful – a strike-rate of over 97.8%. My lays all used backers’ stakes in the range from £1 to about £1-50p, and the high strike rate produced an overall profit of just over £54.

In Mar 2023, there were more unsuccessful lays than Feb but I still managed to end the month with a profit of just under £3. 197 out of the 206 lay bets were successful which is a strike-rate of 95.6%

Apr 2023 continued the profits as the Betfair P&L screenshot below shows, with a profit of nearly £112. 108 out of the 110 lay bets were successful which is a strike-rate of 98.2%.

May 2023 produced yet more profit as the Betfair P&L screenshot below shows, with a profit of just over £84. 68 out of the 70 lay bets were successful which is a strike-rate of 97.1%.

So you can see that Greyhound Money Maker – Method 1 is consistently profitable month-after-month. Of the 481 lay bets that I have placed, 466 have been successful – an overall strike-rate of 96.9%.

How do I get Greyhound Money Maker – Method 1?

As usual, I have produced a detailed video that explains the method in step-by-step detail & shows it being used on real races using real bets. The video lasts for 40 mins.

By the time you have finished watching the video, you will be confident in being able to select appropriate greyhound races & place your own bets. And you’ll probably be astonished at how simple the system is to use & how it manages to find successful lay bet after successful lay bet.

Given the high strike-rate, I risk between 10% & 20% of my betting bank on each lay bet with this method although you would be advised to use only small stakes initially.

Given the consistent profitability of this betting method and the need to keep the number of people using the method at a level that does not affect liquidity in the Betfair markets, Greyhound Money Maker Method 1 is very reasonably priced at:

only £47

Just click on the video play button below; follow the payment instructions; & you will then be able to stream the video and view it on your computer.
You should also receive an email with the password to access the video in the future. If you do not receive the email (some email services block the email because they regard it as spam), or have any payment problems, then please contact me at

Is there a money-back guarantee?

As ever when I produce a new method video, I get a very small minority of people who purchase the product & then want a refund (after they’ve downloaded it & looked at it of course). Well, guess what? – there is a ‘No refund’ policy with this product.

Once you have bought the video, then you will not get your money back because you “didn’t like it” or felt that it “wasn’t profitable enough” or any of the excuses some people come up with. If you aren’t prepared to risk £47, then don’t buy my products. You must also bear in mind that, as a betting product, I can not give any guarantees that you will make any money with Greyhound Money Maker – Method 1. Whilst I sell this method in good faith (and there is ample evidence on various betting review websites that my products do work & I am not a rip-off merchant), you must accept the usual betting rule which is “Never bet with money that you cannot afford to lose completely”.

Chris Williams