Lockdown News

I daresay that most of you are by now getting a bit bored by this Lockdown and especially the fact that we have very few opportunities to make money on Betfair. Betting on football matches in the Tajikistani Higher League and the Belarusian Premier League just isn’t the same!
So that we can look forward to the time when football returns (hopefully not too far away especially since the Premier League is already in discussions with the government), I have put together a video that tells you what I’ve been doing over the past few months. This tells you a bit about the new betting methods that I’ve been working on and which will be released once football is back to (near) normal.

And I also show you how you can make £20-£35+ per month using your smartphone; as well as giving you the chance to buy my Football Money Maker methods for just £30 each.

The video last for around 30 minutes.