Earnings statement

One of the questions that I get routinely asked is “How much money can I make every month with a betting bank of £x?” (or the alternative, “How big a betting bank do I need to make £x every month?”). Well, the answer I always have to give is “how should I know?”. I am unable to see into the future so I have no idea what bets you will be placing over the coming months & whether or not those bets will be successful.

Whilst I have every confidence that my betting methods work, I am unable to guarantee that they will always be profitable in the future. Furthermore, you should never regard betting as a means of generating a steady, regular monthly income. It simply isn’t like that. Betting should be considered more like owning shares – there will be periods when  losses occur but the long-term performance should be profitable.

You should only ever bet with funds that you are prepared to lose entirely.