Football Money Maker – Method 3

“Football Money Maker – Method 3 continues my series of easy-to-use & profitable football betting techniques. And it has also been given Recommended status by the independent Best Betting Review website


Football Money Maker – Method 3 (FMM3) is the third betting method that I have released in my profitable series of Football Money Maker methods.

What makes the Football Money Maker – Method 3 different from the previous two Football Money Maker techniques?

One of the things that I’ve always been interested in exploring is whether there are profitable ways of consistently exploiting Betfair odds that are far higher, or lower, than they should be.

Obviously, for most main bet markets, the odds are very close to the real probability of the bet being successful, so it is difficult to find an ‘edge’ that can be exploited.

So I thought “Can I find a bet selection technique that can be combined with a bet market that has better odds than it should have?” If so, then I would have a profitable technique.

To gather data though, does pose a problem. Betfair odds data for past matches is simply not easily available. Therefore, I decided to manually record the data on an Excel spreadsheet every day for matches that I had selected using a particular technique.

As you can imagine, this has involved quite a bit of effort. However, after recording over 4 months of data, I have now found a system that is consistently profitable. That system is Football Money Maker – Method 3.

 So how have I done it?

The following short video gives you an introduction to Method 3 & the thinking behind the method. You will also see how successful my recent Betting techniques have been when subjected to rigorous long-term testing by an independent betting system review website.

How difficult is it to use Football Money Maker – Method 3?

Using Football Money Maker – Method 3 is very simple. The easy-to-follow rules are:

  • go to the free prediction website that I use for this method

  • apply a couple of very simple rules on particular types of predictions to choose suitable matches

  • go to Betfair & place your back bet on one of two possible markets. One market has a higher strike-rate than the other (ie more winning bets) but the profitability per bet is lower than the 2nd choice of market. The 2nd market has more losing bets but this is compensated by much higher odds. Over the long-term, the 2nd market generates more profit than the first one.

  • let the bet run until full-time

You don’t just have to take my opinion about the profitability of Football Money Maker Method 3

The independent betting system review website Best Betting Review is conducting a long-term test of FMM Method 3.

The reviews are done by Peter Philipson who has a long track record of reviewing betting systems & tipsters. Since 2010, he has been chief reviewer at More Money Review which later turned into Betting Rant. He was until fairly recently at BetWorld Reviews which was suddenly closed down without warning by the Betfan organisation. Best Betting Review is a new website that will continue to present Peter’s results from long-term testing.

Peter has continued to test all of my Football Money Maker methods as he has progressed from one website to another, so he has a unique wealth of data showing how the Football Money Makers methods perform over long periods of time.

He has been testing FMM3 since Oct 2018 and has now placed over 540 bets! You can read his full review and see a full list of all of the bets by clicking on the image below:

How do I get Football Money Maker – Method 3?

As usual, I have produced a detailed video that explains the method in step-by-step detail & shows it being used on real matches using real bets. The video lasts for 77 mins.

By the time you have finished watching the video, you will be confident in being able to select appropriate matches & place your own bets. And you’ll probably be astonished at how simple the system is to use & how it manages to find winning bet after winning bet.

The usual rule of using bets that each risk 5% of your betting bank applies with Football Money Maker Method 3.

You are doubtless now wondering – how much is this going to cost?

There are some other football betting systems on the market that are currently selling for £1000+! But I want my systems to be used by as many people as possible so that they can make money (& these days we all need every penny we can get!)

So Football Money Maker- Method 3 is priced at the very reasonable price of

WAS £42  NOW ONLY £15

Just click on the order button below NOW to get your copy:

Football Money Maker - Method 3

The video is delivered as a downloadable wmv video file which means that it can be played by just about any video player software such as Windows Media Player and GOM player. If you do encounter any problems with downloading & playing the video, then get in touch with me at


As ever when I produce a new method video, I get a very small minority of people who purchase the product & then want a refund (after they’ve downloaded it & looked at it of course). Well, guess what? – there is a ‘No refund’ policy with this product.

Once you have bought the video, then you will not get your money back because you “didn’t like it” or felt that it “wasn’t profitable enough” or any of the excuses some people come up with. If you aren’t prepared to risk a mere £15, then don’t buy my products. You must also bear in mind that, as a betting product, I can not give any guarantees that you will make any money with Football Money Maker – Method 3. Whilst I sell this method in good faith (and there is ample evidence on various betting review websites that my products do work & I am not a rip-off merchant), you must accept the usual betting rule which is “Never bet with money that you cannot afford to lose completely”.

I must hasten to add that the vast majority of my clients are very happy & appreciative of the time & effort that I put into recording detailed explanatory videos & dealing with email queries. I thank them for their support.

 So click on the purchase button below and you will be able to download the video as a zip file after your purchase.

Football Money Maker - Method 3

Chris Williams

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