Beta Testers Required – Apply Now!


Many of you will recognise the name Peter Philipson who has reviewed my – and many other – services over the years. He recently contacted me to ask if I could help a trusted contact of his find some beta testers for a football service planned for launch at the start of the new European season.

You should by now be aware that I don’t promote other people’s tipping services willy-nilly like so many other betting websites seem to do. I like to proof any service over a long period of time (or accept proofed data from a trusted third-party such as Peter Philipson) to see if the claimed long-term profitability of a service is real or not. This new service looks very attractive and I am quite happy to recommend that you seriously consider becoming a beta tester.

The service operates in the goals scored markets, both pre-match and in-play, with bets advised 24 hours or more before the game. Testing has taken place over the whole of the season just ended with impressive strike rates – the worst strategy used coming out at 92.3% success. A results spreadsheet is shown below covering the 1700+ selections to date (and Peter has been monitoring since last month with his results showing from line 1689 ).

In order to fine tune the potential service the author – Jeremy – is looking for 20 Beta Testers who will be given access to selections free until the service launch. Should they subsequently wish to subscribe a discount will be offered on the subscription price.

If you would be interested in becoming a Beta Tester please email Jeremy directly on and quote reference FMM1 in your request.